DNA methylation sequencing: a promising tool for pancreatic cancer diagnosis

Author:Rohan Kumar, Harsimran Kaur Hora , Priyangulta Beck , Annie Jessica Toppo, Dinesh Kumar , Shristi Kumari , Pinki Raj Sahu, Swati Shalika, Mukesh Nitin

Pancreatic cancer remains a deadly disease due to late diagnosis and limited treatment options. DNA methylation, a key epigenetic modification, plays a crucial role in cancer development and progression. Various research using DNA methylation patterns in pancreatic cancer tissues resulted in comparative evaluation of normal pancreas and cell lines resulted in the identification of potential biomarkers for diagnosis and therapy. During DNA methylation case studies led to identification 807 genes and 1505 CpG sites. Also, 289 differentially methylated CpG sites were also reported suggesting their vital contribution towards pancreatic cancer. In current review tried to explore the methylation approaches to identify important genes linked to gemcitabine, a common chemotherapy drug, identifying potential markers for patient response. This study sheds light on the link between DNA methylation and pancreatic cancer, paving the way for novel therapeutic targets and improved patient outcomes.

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