Understanding the impact of uv radiation on skin health: mechanisms, risks, and photoprotection strategies

Author:Jay Chandra , Rajiv Kukkar, Anil Sharma, Manmohan Sharma

This comprehensive review examines the intricate relationship between UV radiation and skin health, delving into its mechanisms, associated risks, and potential photoprotection strategies. Drawing from centuries of herbal medicine and cosmetic practices, the efficacy of antioxidant-rich herbs in shielding against UV radiation-induced damage is highlighted. Studies showcasing the protective properties of plant extracts, such as green and black tea polyphenols and aloe vera formulations, underscore the potential of botanicals in skincare. The rise of herbal sunscreens in response to growing concerns over UV exposure reflects a paradigm shift in skincare practices. The review elucidates the diverse effects of UV radiation on the skin, encompassing sunburns, premature aging, and skin cancer development. Mechanisms underlying UVB-induced skin damage, including collagen breakdown, generation of free radicals, and interference with DNA repair mechanisms, underscore the imperative of implementing protective measures. The role of antioxidants in mitigating UV-induced damage and the development of innovative sunscreen formulations underscores ongoing efforts to enhance photoprotection strategies. Furthermore, the review underscores the multifaceted nature of UV radiation’s impact on skin health, emphasizing the importance of holistic approaches to photoprotection. Future research endeavors aimed at exploring novel photoprotective agents and assessing their efficacy in preserving skin health will be instrumental in mitigating the adverse effects of UV radiation and fostering overall skin well-being.

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