Exploring the photoprotective potential of calendula officinalis l. Essential oil in skincare

Author: Jay Chandra , Rajiv Kukkar , Anil Sharma , Manmohan Sharma

The study investigated the potential of Calendula officinalis L. essential oil in skincare formulations with sun protection properties. A comprehensive methodology encompassed extraction, characterization, formulation, and evaluation of the oil’s efficacy. Physicochemical parameters assessment indicated favorable results, with GC-MS analysis identifying twenty-two compounds, notably 1,8 cineole and α-pinene, with antioxidant properties suggesting UVB protection. Formulation of stable oil-in-water creams containing 1-5% Calendula oil exhibited no phase separation and maintained viscosity, highlighting robust physical stability. In vitro SPF testing demonstrated significant sun protection activity, particularly in formulations with higher oil concentrations. The study supports Calendula-based formulations as promising natural alternatives for sun protection in cosmetics, offering a sustainable approach without synthetic additives.

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