Modern herbal gel formulation: physicochemical evaluation and efficacy testing for dermatological applications

Author: Sourav Khawas, Manmohan Sharma , Rajiv Kukkar , Anil Sharma

This study investigates the development of a modern herbal gel formulated with Punica granatum extracts for dermatological applications, with a focus on addressing acne. By employing a comprehensive methodology involving phytochemical screening, chromatographic analysis, antimicrobial testing, and formulation evaluation, we aimed to create a topical product that is both safe and effective. Our results reveal promising pharmacognostical properties of Punica granatum extracts, including acceptable ash values and extractive values, indicating the quality and potency of the herbal material. Additionally, chromatographic analysis provided valuable insights into the chemical composition of the extracts, facilitating standardization and quality control. The formulated gel exhibited significant anti-acne activity against P. acnes, demonstrating notable inhibitory effects. Moreover, physical characterization highlighted favorable properties such as appropriate pH, viscosity, spreadability, texture, and appearance, crucial for ensuring patient compliance and efficacy. Stability studies suggested the potential for a shelf-stable product with resilience to environmental factors over time. Furthermore, in vitro release studies indicated controlled and sustained release of active ingredients from the gel formulation, supporting its efficacy and longevity upon application.

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