A review on antibiotic resistance

Author: Dr. Ram Garg , Gurucharan Singh ,Lokendar Rathore , Dr. Vandana Sharma , Mohamad Salman

Antibiotics are ‘wonder drugs’ when it comes to fighting microorganisms. For decades, many antibiotics have been used not only for medicinal purposes but also for preventive use in other industries such as agriculture and livestock. There has certainly been, because microorganisms have become those resistant to conventional antibiotics while the patient is still unaware of emerging resistant. It turns out we have learned that antibiotic resistance is increasing at an alarming rate.A growing list of diseases, ie.pneumonia,tuberculosis and whooping cough, are difficult and sometimes impossible to treat when antibiotics are ineffective Resistance to infections is related to the number of antibiotics used relationships. Microbial resistance is driven by the extrajudicial use of antibiotics. There is a shortage of existing or emerging multidrug-resistant antibiotics, resulting in significant reported morbidity and mortality. This review article further highlights the effectiveness of antimicrobial prophylaxis against human animal health viruses in preventing antimicrobial resistance. Evidence from the literature suggests that knowledge about antibiotic resistance in the population is still low. Therefore, patients and the public should be educated to fight the virus

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