Sexual deception used by individuals to initiate sexual engagement with their current or potential partner

Author: Ms. Janhavi Sarvashresth , Dr. Prakriti Sushmita

Sexual deception, the deliberate manipulation of information regarding one’s sexual identity, preferences, and intentions, is a complex phenomenon prevalent in intimate relationships. This research aims to delve into the intricate dynamics of sexual deceit, exploring the connection between male and female perspectives in sexual relationships. The study delves into the reasons behind sexual deception, examining why males are perceived as more manipulative compared to females and how gender influences deceptive practices in sexual contexts. The paper posits that individuals utilize deceptive tactics, including sexual deception, to enhance intimacy in relationships, driven by desires for gratification, fear of rejection, and the pursuit of personal goals. Utilizing the Sexual Deception Scale developed by Marelich et al. (2008), the research uncovers insights into the different dimensions of sexual deception, including blatant lying, self-serving tactics, and avoiding confrontation. Physical beauty plays a major role in sexual deception. Lack of sex in life can cause problems like isolation, self- doubt and trust. Through a comprehensive analysis of the scale’s subscales and total scores, the study sheds light on the prevalence of deceptive practices in intimate relationships and the gender disparities in manipulative behaviors.

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