A Review on Gelatin Production and a Special Type of Hard Gelatin Capsules With Their Packaging and Storage

Author: Dr. Ram Garg, Md. Sarfaraz Alam, Dr. Vandana Sharma

In this review it is explained about production of gelatin and a special type of hard gelatin capsules with their packaging and storage. Capsules are solid dosage preparations that contain a soft soluble shell of gelatin that encloses the drug substance(s) and/or excipients whereas hard capsules are made up of two pieces that resemble cylinders that are closed at one end: the longer piece is called the "body," and the shorter piece is called the "cap." A variety of formulation types, the majority of which are meant for oral administration, can be filled into capsules. Special applications include capsules that can be added to diagnostic kits, loaded into dry powder inhalers and occasionally soft-shell capsules meant to be inserted as suppositories into the vagina or the rectal cavity. Gelatin or another appropriate polymeric material is typically used to create the sell, which produces an elegant, tasteless, odourless, simple, and easily swallowed dosage form without the need for a second coating step. Capsules can be categorized as hard or soft depending on the makeup of the capsule shell. There was also emphasis on the different packaging and storage techniques.

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