Bilayer Tablet a Dual Released, an Emerging Trend for Novel Drug Delivery System

Author: Pankaj, Dr. Mayank Bansal, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta

Bilayer tablets are a kind of medication that effectively treats illness by combining two pharmaceuticals, either the same or different ones, in a single dosage. Physically separating active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) may prevent chemical incompatibilities, and bilayer tablets can pave the way for the creation of various drug release profiles, such as immediate and prolonged release. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory bilayer tablets are significantly different. Two medications may be sequentially released from a bi-layer tablet, making it ideal for sustained-release tablets. One layer can be immediate-release for the first dosage, while the other can be a maintenance dose. The purpose of this review is to identify problems with bilayer tablet preparation and to suggest ways to fix them. To further aid comprehension, the article goes on to list the many kinds of bilayer tablets, including single-side presses, double-side presses, and bilayer tablet displacement presses, as well as their uses, advantages, and disadvantages. In addition, the review paper discusses the several ways and procedures used to manufacture bilayer tablets, so readers may have a comprehensive understanding of these tablets. In the last paragraph, the whole essay is evaluated critically.

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