A Case Report of Infantile Hemangioma of Upper Lip Affecting Breathing and Breastfeeding.

Author: Swathi M , Swetha Gopan , Shibendra Mandal , Dr. Chandrasekhar Gouli

Infantile hemangioma is a benign tumor of vascular endothelium in children which can be treated by laser therapy, drug therapy, and surgery. In most cases, hemangioma doesn’t require any intervention as it fades over time. We present a case of infantile hemangioma of the upper lip which affected the baby’s breastfeeding and breathing. The infant was treated initially with oral propranolol for 3 days and then switched to ointment timolol to continue for 9 months. Advised to have a regular visit to OPD (out-patient department) for further monitoring.

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