Rapid Onset of Action of Mirtazapine : A Review illustrating its benefits and risks over SSRI

Author: Md. Wasioullah, Surbhi Tyagi, Ammu Muraleedharan, Urvashi Dhawal, Dr. Rajveer Singh

Depressive disorders have become a serious illness affecting millions worldwide, which prominently affects day to day life activities of patients affected with the disorder. It becomes a long term illness gradually requiring prompt therapy to prevent certain risk associated with the illness chiefly suicidal risk. Traditional antidepressants generally required weeks to months to generate any response from patients, having delayed onset of action which may become cumbersome and quite expensive for the population in need. However, the introduction of certain antidepressants with a faster onset of action, such as mirtazapine changed the conventional approaches. Electronic search was performed to identify and include relevant studies done under topic of interest since from 1999 to 2020. This paperbriefly reviews the various published literature on mirtazapine to come up with sufficient evidence illustrating its faster onset of action compared to several other antidepressants using certain comparison studies emphasizing its benefits along with risk.

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