Pharmacological Activities and Potential Health Benefits of Macrotyloma Uniflorum - A Review

Author: Sapna Sharma, Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Md Nematullah, Umang Varshney

Macrotyloma uniflorum is commonly known as Kulthy daal and horse gram which belongs to the family Fabaceae. Horse gram is rich in iron, calcium, protein, and polyphenols. It has powerful power to remove free radicals. Macrotyloma uniflorum is used as a remedial agent to treat fever, diabetes, kidney stones, common cold and constipation, and atherosclorosis. It also acts as a source of various nutraceutical food materials. Traditionally the seeds are used as diuretic, diaphoretic, anthelmintic and also useful in bronchitis, asthmatic conditions, nephrolithiasis, splenomegaly, haemorrhoid and urolithiasis. Extract various parts of the Horse gram are used for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, heart disease and for treatment of urinary stones. The present review showed an overview on its pharmacological and phytochemical activities that are reported in the literature

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