Formulation, Development and Optimization of Sublingual Drug Delivery for Antihypertensive Drug

Author: Laxmi Rohilla, Ram Garg*, Vandana Sharma, Mukesh Kumar Sharma, Mamta Sharma

The purpose of this investigation was to formulate, development of optimization of sublingual drug delivery for antihypertensive drug. Sublingual tablets of model drug (nimodipine) was formulated using mannitolAvicel pH102(microcrystalline cellulose) as diluents .Sublingual tablet was prepared by direct compression technique as it’s a cost effective methods.As partameas sweetening agent. Magnesiumstearate(3%to4%) as lubricants.Superdisintegrants used are crosspovidone, crosscarmellosesodium , sodium starch glycol late disintegrantsodiumCMC. The sublingual drug showed acceptable results in all studies such as thickness, strength, , disintegration test time, surface pH and drug relese are developed. Sublingual tablets of nimodipine can be successfully prepared by direct. Compression method used using selected superdisintegrants with Crosspovidone 1.5%, 3%, 6%, Crosscarmellose 1.5%,3%, 6% and Sodium starch glycolate 1.5%, 3%, 6%, for the better patient compliance and effective therapy the relative efficiency of these superdisintegrant to improve the disintegration and dissolution rate of tablets were found in order.

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