Concurrent Pharmacological Covid-19 Treatment: A Review

Author: Pinky Sharma, Shallu Yadav, Dr. Kamal Saini

The pandemic of COVID-19 is an extreme respiratory ailment brought about by human Covid (HCoV), otherwise called SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)- CoV-2 or novel Corona virus. COVID‑ 19 is an exceptionally infectious illness brought about by SARS‑ CoV‑ 2. The sickness might fluctuate from asymptomatic cases, gentle side effects to life‑ compromising intricacies like ARDS, multiorgan disappointment, sepsis, and demise. Specifically, older with comorbid conditions are at higher danger. The COVID-19 flare-up is as yet difficult for clinicians. The seriousness of COVID-19 has brought about a worldwide race to find the right antiviral treatment that decreases the danger of inconveniences and works on persistent result. This review emphasizes on the different aspects of COVID-19 such as the epidemiolo- gy, clinical features and preventive measures to be adopted in order to fight this pandemic.

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